What are devices in your home that appear to use computers or algorithms? Can you name at least one device for every room in your house? Describe one algorithm each device performs.

· Note: This is a research-writing course. You need to develop each requirement in full paragraphs, not sentences. I need to see proof of understanding of each requirement. Some questions have multiple parts. Answer each within the same numbered question.

1. What are devices in your home that appear to use computers or algorithms? Can you name at least one device for every room in your house? Describe one algorithm each device performs. 

2. Think of a problem or task in your life that you wish had an algorithmic solution. How difficult is this problem to solve? What might an algorithmic solution require? 

3. Discuss the social changes caused by the computer revolution of the past hundred years. What are the downsides to automating routine mental tasks? What are the upsides? Are there times when we might want to decide not to use technical innovation? When and why? 

4. Search the web for articles about the future of computing. Collect a list of new innovations in computing in the next few years. How will our daily lives change as a result? 

5. Think about examples of abstractions we use with the computer on a regular basis. What are some metaphors provided by applications or your operating system?

6. Compare RAM with nonvolatile memory like the computer’s hard drive. List the features of each, and compare them with each other? Where they differ in design, why would the designers have made the choices they made?

7. Why might the MIMD model for parallel processing be preferred over the SIMD model? 

Note: Use this list as a completion checklist!

8. Submit the assignment in one Word document, size 12 point, font Arial, double space.

9. Comply with the number of pages listed.

10. Don’t ZIP or PDF files. They will not be accepted!

11. Include a cover sheet and a reference page. The cover sheet is to include: your name, assignment number, course number, and the date. 

12. Do Not include the assignment questions.

13. Number each answer to correspond to the answered question(s).

14. Include “all” references used to include the textbook on the last page of the assignment document. 

15. DO NOT “Copy and Paste”. Work that is not your own work constitutes plagiarism. You may quote sources but you must reference them properly and correctly. I need to evaluate your work, not others. Read the Academic Honesty & Plagiarism College policy. Your file will be checked by SafeAsign for traces of plagiarism.

16. Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 

17. Submit each assignment via the Assignment Submission link one-time only.

18. DO NOT attach assignments to an email – they will not be graded!

19. Write, write and write. This is a writing course and you need to prove that you understood each requirement. 

20. I will grade your assignment based on the above-listed requirements,  and return them with comments. Don’t lose points by not following the list of requirements

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