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These analyses will be in the form of arguments and explanation. You will be required to first write a sound argument including at least 2 about utilitarianism premises and a conclusion. You will then be required to write an analysis of that argument including whether you think it is sound or not and why. You will need to write 350 words on this topic including your argument. These analyses should draw on your experiences, ideas, reflections on the readings, or the discussions you have with your colleagues about the assigned topics. 



  1. Hydraulic fracturing for local petroleum is being resourceful
    1. Using local petroleum rather than importing petroleum is being self-reliant
  2. According to Virtue Ethics, a virtuous character trait manifests virtuous actions 
  3. Resourcefulness is a virtuous action
  4. Self-reliance is also a virtuous action

Therefore, hydraulic fracturing for local petroleum is a virtuous action.


            According to the first premise, it states that hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, for petroleum is being resourceful. The process of hydraulic fracturing consists of extracting shale oil, a type of petroleum product, locally from within the United States. I believe fracking is an action of self-reliance as it is pumped in the United States, and does not rely on foreign supplies. 

            In the third premise, being resourceful means having a way to produce a product in an efficient way. In hydraulic fracturing, shale oil is extracted from a rock by using a pressurized liquid source to allow the petroleum to leak out. Resourcefulness is an action that involves a fast and clever method to overcome a dilemma. Hydraulic fracturing circumvents the cost of shipping petrol overseas and reduces oil spills. Although it might be opposed for its methane leakage into water supplies, virtue ethics explains that what is resourceful is the most important. In addition, virtue ethics also describe how self-reliance is a virtuous action by helping the majority of people. Fracking helps the majority of people by providing a fuel to power their vehicles as a temporary short term solution. In doing so, it outweighs the negative consequence of environmental impacts within the area of hydraulic fracturing being worked. 

            Overall, I agree with the argument of hydraulic fracturing for petrol follows virtue ethics because it provides a resource for consumers to have at a lower price. It makes use of the abundant petroleum resources within the country in order decrease the dependability of foreign crude oil. Importing foreign petroleum increases fuel prices because of OPEC’s volatile marketing. I believe hydraulic fracturing is a virtuous action because it provides a temporary cheap method to produce petrol on a temporary basis. Hydraulic fracturing can be a resourceful and self-reliant method for the meantime while the electric vehicle infrastructure expands and grows.

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