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Human Service Professional Research Paper By: Shada Parker The career I chose for my career research paper is a Human Service Professional. Human Service Professionals are also known as social worker, clinical, aides, and family support workers, and advocates. These types of workers can be found in a variety of different settings such as hospitals, offices, labs, and correctional intuitions. They also work in many different sectors such as psychology, rehabilitation, mad family support work. The main goal of a Human Service Professional is to assist individuals and communities to function as effectively as possible in the domains of living.

The educational requirements for this job is as follows most states and employers requires that you are licensed by the state licensing board and to a have a degree which can range from an associates to sometimes even a Masters. The job duties of a Human Service Professional can vary because of their job setting but most always all include writing clients reports, some form of case management, treat, diagnosis, and assess patients, provide discharge papers, referrals, and financial help to those in need, chart clients improvement, have meeting to ensure clients are becoming self sufficient, and meet with other professional team to provide a treatment plan that is suitable for the client.

According to Human Service careers were said to rise by nineteen percent between the years of 2012- 2022. The average Human Service Professional can range from $28,800 to $54,610 depending upon experience, education, and the state. The benefits of working in the social working field can be very rewarding because you are improving society, building family relationships, it a high demand profession with many different job setting, pleasant work environment, get to work independently, and lastly you get to provide help to someone in their time of need. The chances of being in employed in this field in the state of Florida are well because employers from different sectors are always looking to hire these types of professionals. To make yourself more marketable to one of these employers you must possess certain skills such as being able to work independently with minimal instruction, have compassion with dealing with other clients, be a good listener, problem solver, and effective communicator, have knowledge of local resources available to clients to help with their needs, have a basic knowledge of computers and their programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint,, beware of the current HIPAA laws, and be up to date with medical terms that other medical professional might use, be detail oriented, and be able to perform well under pressure, be a multitasked, and lastly be nonjudgmental have an open aspect on things.

The reason why I decided to into the field of social work is because I had my son at a very young age and I barely had any support from my family, so I decided to look into different community resources that helped pregnant and single mothers. I was able to find a few in which the one that helped me the most by providing Parenting classes, CPR, and Spiritual Guidance classes was an agency called Catholic Charities. I was able to get everything I needed for my son plus develop a relationship with my counselor Rose. It was watching her help others plus myself that made me make the decision to become a social worker.

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