Public Health Discussion (Sampling Schemes And Data Collection) H.I.V/AIDS

Due 5/2  9 p.m est

400 words not including title & min 3 ref APA

Pick something to conduct about H.I.V/ AIDS

Appropriate sampling schemes and data collection are essential to public health research in order to obtain representative and unbiased samples. addressed the importance of sample size and power to study design. Sample size and power cannot guarantee usable results if the data are not collected using the correct sampling scheme.

For this Discussion, you select a population that you might use related to your dissertation research and a sampling scheme that can obtain the best representative sample.

With these thoughts in mind:

Choose a population you would like to survey.

Post a brief description of how you would use primary data in a study. Then, describe a target population you might use for your dissertation research and a sampling scheme you would propose for that population and explain why.

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