importance of Nursing Theories



Importance of Nursing Theories

May 7, 2019

Nursing theories are very important in promoting nursing practices in advanced nursing practice. This is because it acts as a lens which can be used to understand studied phenomenon by providing the best interventions to be used through the help of evidence-based rationales. These theories are very important in that they help to answer how and why such interventions should be used. Through the application of these theories, nurses have been able to give better and advanced nursing services to the patients. For example, through the use of the adaption theory (RAM), humanism principles and verities are very useful in explaining the living experience of women living with stage four cancer. Through exposure to various theories, nurses have been able to gain a lot of knowledge which has enabled a better understanding of collected data and in turn nurses come up with evidence-based interventions which are very important in promoting patient’s wellbeing. Trough incorporation of these theories in the current nursing curriculum, nursing students are able to be exposed to various theories and in turn, they are able to gain a lot of skills and knowledge which in return help them in providing better services to patients later.

MSN essential that relates more to this topic is essential to number VII which is concerned with the interprofessional collaboration which is aimed at improving patient’s health. Through integrating with other nurses and other health professionals, nurses are able to gain a lot of experiences through experience sharing and hence increase of nursing experience and in return, they are able to give better and advanced health care practices to patients.


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