Globalization on the Liberian Health Care System

1. Write a four page paper discussing the effect of Globalization on the Liberian Health Care System. Draw out the Merits, Demerits, Challenges and the way forward.

2. The Liberian Government has introduced a Community Health Assistant Program geared toward reaching out to the people who do not have access. The entire program has been supported by Donors, there is a donor fatigue, and the program ends September 2019.

As a student of Health Sciences, what were the missing links, what should have been done in the past, and suggest the way forward to the Ministry of Heath as a Technical Advisor on Program. 2pages

Note: The government of Liberia has serious economy crisis that the Economic growth is declining. Write your perspective on this.

Use: Harvard style format with references and citations. Check for plagiarism as a no, no



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