What’s your biggest weakness?

What’s your biggest weakness?

The answer provided should not raise doubts about one ability to perform the job while the person should not seem sounding dishonest or arrogant by stating that they do not have weakness.

My answer: Being in the nursing profession, the ability to delegate tasks and promote team work is a necessity. But I find myself lacking the ability to delegate work between the team as better as I should. I am satisfied with the work I do and find it difficult to delegate. However, I am working on this weakness, and, during the last hours of my shift I practice the team work and cooperation.

Describe how will you resolve a conflict between a patient or co-worker?

People do not always get along with each other by fact due to personality differences. The employer asks the interviewee this question to hear how one can respond to cases of conflict diplomatically.

My answer: Conflicts do happen in a workplace and a professional attitude helps avoid the conflicts and minimize the damage they do to productivity. I was encountered with a same situation when in a meeting I proposed a plan and a coworker who was not really a supporter of my idea. I was taken aback by such harsh response, but I stayed calm and handled the situation. After a sober discussion I was able to deliver my point and my idea was accepted. After the meeting, that coworker apologized for misbehavior and admitted his wrong behavior.

Tell me about yourself?

This is one of the often asked first questions. The question is raised for the interviewee to make their first impression

My answer: I am motivated and compassionate person with a desire to contribute my services as a nursing practitioner. I am responsible of my actions and understand the demands of this field. I have around 10 years of experience in the nursing field and aim to promote the livelihood of people and be a nurturer and caregiver of the patients.


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What is your biggest Weakness?

I think that weakness is something that you need to have in mind all the time if you want to improve yourself as a worker.  Sometimes I have the tendency of loosing the notion of time when I am working, but I am learning how prioritize duties and to delegate when is needed to avoid the delay of tasks. 

Describe how you resolved conflict with a co-worker or patient?

The first thing I do is to really get the details off the problem. Once I know what is the motive of the problem I try to solve it. Getting to know why people react a certain way is sometimes difficult because sometimes people are not open to others especially if they are dealing with strong feelings such as despair or frustration in the case of a co-worker or just simply with a lethal disease in the case of a patient. 

An example of this is a coworker that I noticed was getting late very often. So often that become a problem to give him the reports in time. In our work we have 30 minutes to give report and the time frame that he was giving me for doing so was 5 and sometimes no minutes at all. This situation was even frustrating for me because it was affecting my work and the care we were supposed to be giving to our patients. I realized that this nurse was a PHS and came all the way down to Miami from Nebraska. I realized that he was missing his family when he told me once that he had his family in that city. How he was a military nurse I asked him how military people use to solve their problems when needed. He told me that they were very quick to detect problems, point out he problems and give solutions. I acknowledge that I really liked the style so I explained to him how important of being in time for the night shift was for coworkers, patients and me.  I address the family problem as the motive he was sad and feeling alone in a new town and job and emphasize how important for the whole team was to have him completely on board as far he was working in the institution. He understood what I was saying and corrected it immediately. 

Tell me about yourself?

I have been a nurse for 12 years. I have had my professional career through each nursing step such as: LPN, RN, BSN and now ARNP. I consider myself a proactive person, so I am always trying to improve myself as a nurse in a reasonable period of time. I am a nurse aware of the importance of training and development to advance my career to higher levels and standards. I feel my vocation stronger than ever and I really look to become a Dr. in nursing in a not so far future. Every time that I choose a job I ask myself what I can offer to that particular job. In this case I have to offer you lots of commitment and working professionalism. I have had experience in home health, hospice and penitentiary setting. I am a nurse that likes to work as part of a team, where also leadership and proactivity are allowed. 

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