I need the discussion post and main assignment done as the discussion is part of the main assignment. See both rubrics. One for discussion post (due in 4 hours please) requirements and the other for main assignment paper (due by friday). 

Requirements for the Discussion (due in 3 hours please!!! 300 words minimum)

Week 2: PICOT/PICo and Practice Questions

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The focus for Week 2 is on questions: PICOT/PICo and practice questions.

  • Using the area      of interest from Week 1 (CAUTI      – CATHETER ACQUIRER URINARY TRACT INFECTION AND THE ROLE OF NURSE      PRACTITIONER), identify the following. 
    • Will you be       using a quantitative or qualitative approach for your EBP project       proposal?
    • Explain why       this approach is the best one to provide information for your area of       interest (CAUTI).
    • Create a       PICOT/PICo question using the PICOT/PICo format for quantitative and PICo       for qualitative approaches.
    • Identify your       practice question, being sure to include the following. 
      • For a        quantitative approach 
        • A questioning         part such as “what is,” “what are,” “is         there,” or “are there”
        • Population         being studied
        • Variables         being studied
        • Suggestion of         the relationship between variables
      • For a        qualitative approach 
        • Phenomenon or         concept of interest
        • Group or         population of interest
        • Suggestion of         which qualitative research design is being used

Choose either quantitative or qualitative- only the proposed approach needs to be addressed

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