Theory and Research | nursing homework essays

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  1. Share an example of evidence-based practice from your work setting.
    B & C. Describe how qualitative and quantitative research results can be used to solve practice problems. This is known as translational research.
  2. Refer back to last module’s discussion board item #4 in which you identified one or two potential problems that you are considering for your DNP Project. As we move into the building blocks for evidence, try to think about what you want to improve through your DNP project.

A. State the problem that you are considering for your DNP project.

B. Find a peer-reviewed quantitative research article that addresses this problem.

C & D. State the type of research design and the associated level of evidence in the article.

E. What critical appraisal questions did you use to critique this article from Melnyk Chapter 5? Please list both the question and the answer to each question. (Use the questions that match the research design in the article).

F. How can you use this evidence from your chosen article to solve your clinical problem?

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