The Changing Aspects Of Healthcare

The Assignment

Healthcare reform is a term that is ever present in our practice settings and will not disappear any time soon.

Review the article below and answer the following questions.

Buerhaus, P. I., Skinner, L. E., Auerbach, D. I., & Staiger, D. O. (2017). Four challenges facing the nursing workforce in the United States. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 8(2), 40-46. . doi:10.1016/S2155-8256(17)30097-

Select one of the four challenges and expand on how your workforce has responded to the change.

How have these challenges affected the access to care for your patients?

What can you do to decrease the effect on your patients? Provide a specific example.

As you review the journey that your patients take along the continuum of care has access to resources changed and subsequently their care been affected by access? What identifies the vulnerabilities in your community.

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