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Provide a 3-4 sentence response to the below discussion question answer in apa format with in-text citations and references:

Answer: An evidence is said to be statistically significant if the relationship between two or more variables other than any random chance of occurrence. Mostly used in hypothesis testing, if p value is less than 5% then results are said to be statically significant.

Example: A study on impact of work-related stress on employee motivation may be said as statistically significant as possibility is that some other variables are also important.

Clinically significant evidence: It is based on treatment effect that if another variable introduced then what will be the new result. Most of the time, this type of experiment used in scientific program.

These findings are important in evidence-based project by the following’s ways:

-The relations among various variables might be obtained.

-In scientific based literature clinically significant evidence has great contribution.

-Patient safety research project may be analyzed based on clinically significant evidence.

-Many organizational problems / projects can be evaluated based on statistically significant evidence by internal validity/ testing of hypothesis.

Leug states that there is a great significance in the measures on how different each outcome in treatment can control groups are not real and are not by a chance. P values are the given probability to the outcomes given by chance and assumption by new control treatments and measures. There is a mathematical significance in justification to the EBP when you have statistical significance.

Original Question: What is the difference between statistically significant evidence and clinically significant evidence? How would each of these findings be used to advance an evidenced-based project?

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