Statistic 153 For Mercy B

Summary statistics for two samples of data are

sample 1: Mean = 5 standard deviation = 12

sample 2: Mean =12 standard deviation = 5

which sample has a larger spread of observations?

a) Sample 1

b) Sample 2

c) Neither, they have the sample spread.

d) there is no enough information to answer this question.


A convenience store chain claims that the mean amount spent by a typical customer is $28.50 with a standard deviation of $ 2.50. Assume that the distribution of amounts spent is bell-shaped (symmetric).

The Z- score for the amount spent yesterday by a customer which made a purchase of $32.25 =

write the answer in decimal form.

Is this amount unusual?

Type Yes or no.


Consider the following ordered set of data

44  49  50  51  53  57  58  62

66  66  68  71  75  77  80  85

What is the interquartile range (IQR)

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