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      Psoriasis is a condition that varies from mild to more severe cases. This condition is related to an inflammatory response that is due to genetics and other factors. Having psoriasis can affect one not only physically but also emotionally and mentally (Chong, Kopecki, & Cowin, 2013). One study mentioned that people infected with psoriasis are at an increased risk for depression and anxiety (Rasmussen, Maindal, & Lomborg, 2012). Knowing this, a referral to a healthcare specialists or resources given to this patient to help with coping would be appropriate. Knowing this patient’s age one can think of what type of life events this person might be going through. Having some empathy for this patient could be supportive in helping this patient cope with psoriasis. While this patient has only a mild case this is something that could develop and last longer over time. For those reasons, educating this patient and setting her up for success now can go a long way in treatment management and care involvement for this patient. 


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Rasmussen, G. S., Maindal, H. T., & Lomborg, K. (2012). Self-management in daily life with psoriasis: an integrative review of patient needs for structured education. Nursing research and practice, 2012, 890860.

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