Reflection Paper Assignment “Why do I want to be a nurse?” Students will begin this assignment by drafting in their own words why they chose nursing as a profession. This assignment should be approximately 2 pages and may be written in the first person. Handwritten or typed submissions will be accepted. Students will complete this assignment in-class on the first day of the semester and will submit to the course Professor at the conclusion of class for comments / feedback. Students should discuss their initial thoughts about becoming a nurse, including:

· Why did you decide to study nursing?

· What academic, professional or personal experiences influenced your decision?

· Any specific person(s) or event that influenced your decision? If so who and/or what / how?

· What are your professional / educational goals for a career in nursing?

· Where do see yourself in 5 years regarding your nursing career?

· Describe your idea of a “perfect” job in nursing & how/why you decided this?

Due: 01/25/2019 Friday 9:00pm (East time)

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