Reconstruction Tea Party | nursing homework essays

Welcome to the 19′ Century! It has been just a few years since the end of the Civil War, but you have been lucky enough to survive! You have also managed to make friends with people from both the North and South, and now you have the opportunity to invite them to a tea party!
Choose six historical figures from the following list:
• Abraham Lincoln
• Andrew Johnson
• John Wilkes Booth
• A Scalawag
• A Carpetbagger
• Thaddeus Stevens
• Robert E. Lee
• Ulysses S. Grant
• Nathaniel Bedford Forrest
• Jefferson Davis • Mr. Plantation Owner
• Mr. Freed Slave
After choosing the six historical figures you are most interested in, please answer the following questions about each historical figure:

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  1. Why did you invite this individual? What about them is unique or dis-tinctive?
  2. If you were sitting at a table with the six historical figures you invited, where would each one sit? Why?
  3. What are a few of the conversations you think would take place be-tween your guests if they were sitting at your table?

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