psychology course

Unit 4 Assignment: Editorial (4-5 pages, double-spaced)

For this assignment, you will analyze a particular aspect or genre of media and make a case for why that aspect of media is problematic. Your argument can be a basic yes/no question, or you can take a more nuanced and complex approach similar to that of the editorials I had you read for the final quiz.

There is no one standard organizational pattern, but you should have some kind of introduction, several claims with evidence, and a conclusion. The conclusion does not have to be a separate paragraph, but your last paragraph does need to provide some sense of tying things together at the end. (I discussed several ways to do this in class.)

Grading Criteria: An “A” Paper Will Do the Following Things:

Provide a clear, succinct, and sophisticated analysis and argument

Employ several claims with evidence per each claim

Employ a range of evidence, including studies/stats, anecdotes/examples, quotes, philosophy,etc.

Balance larger ideas with specific evidence/facts

Include all elements mentioned above, including intro and conclusion

Meet the page length requirement

Be well organized and easy to read and understand

Flow well using any transition strategies discussed in class

Utilize topic sentences for each major paragraph

Avoid excessive wordiness and utilize clear, succinct, professional style

Avoid awkward, confusing, and/or difficult phrasing

Demonstrate that you have analyzed and addressed the major aspects of the issue

Adhere to the principles of grammar, punctuation, and style we have covered in class

Avoid typos

Use at least four credible sources (popular or scholarly)

Provide a works cited page at the end

Formal citation is not needed, but you need to be clear about which sources you are using at all

times. (As in this example: According to Dr. John Smith, …)

Possible Topics (you are not limited to these):

*Effects of media on children’s development

*Rap/hip hop music and violence, negative cultural effects

*Sexism on Instagram

*Woke Twitter getting people in trouble

*How much weight should social media be given in evaluating someone?

*Media censorship


*Effects of porn

*Connection between media and violence

*Media addiction

*How Trump is portrayed by the press/media

*Media depictions of controversial events/people

*Metoo and media

*Media and mass shootings

*Deep-fake videos


*Media and women’s self-esteem

*Media censorship

*Are we living in the matrix?

*Violent games/movies

*Social media/porn use and decline of young people having sex

*Artificial intelligence and media

*Problematic aspects of video games

*Mueller Report and media

*Drug/alcohol use promoted by media

*Unhealthy sex promoted by media


1) background information (discuss the situation +context)

2) several claims (ideas that support the argument)

3) for each claims (evidence)

introduction (thesis + main idea + basic events, background, question)

three claims (each one with evidence support the idea)


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