Professional Capstone And Practicum Reflective Journal



Reflective journal

Student’s name: Vladimir Andino

Institutional affiliation: GCU

Date: 3/24/19

Overall, generally this course has enabled me to gain a comprehensive insight into the clinical setting. I have extensively learned about pressure ulcers. Among some of the things I have learned about pressure ulcers include a background of the disease, its causes, effects, prevention measures, barriers in the treatment of the infection etc. I have learned new approaches that may be implemented to promote quality diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of pressure ulcers. I have learned that attending to patient’s nutritional needs is a good way of reducing the effects of the bacteria that causes pressure ulcers (Stechmiller, 2010). In addition, I have learned that the health behavior theory is beneficial for the improvement and implementation of treatment pressure ulcers.

Pressure ulcers are one of the most expensive health complications. As a result, I have learned healthcare professionals are committed to enhancing intraprofessional collaboration with the intention of creating cheaper and effective treatment options and reducing the rate of incidence. I have learned that individuals that are at a higher risk of contracting pressure ulcers are patients who sit on a chair for long periods and those who are confined in bed. When doing my course work research, I learned that patients in nursing who do have enough energy to move are also exposed to contracting pressure ulcers. I think that this shows there is a need for healthcare professionals to effectively collaborate to identify the best methods of eradicating or minimizing these risks to ensure that patients in nursing facilities are no longer exposed to patent ulcers.

The various researches I have done to complete the course assignments have enabled me to gain research and analytical skills and this is very beneficial for both my present learning and my future career growth. With the continuous changes and the complexity of the health setting, having good research and analytical skills is essential for quality healthcare delivery services. Other skills that I have gained from the course work include critical think skills, attention to details, and flexibility.


Stechmiller, J. K. (2010). Understanding the role of nutrition and wound healing. Nutrition in clinical practice25(1), 61-68.

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