Preparedness & Disaster Mgmt

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Please follow the instructor carefully. There are 4 Discussions ,your response to classmates should be at least one paragraph for each Discussion, address the discussion topic or question, be respectful, and add to the discussion. You may draw upon personal experience, course or scholarly references, citing appropriately. Restating the primary response, or agreeing or disagreeing without supporting statements will result in a lower grade. 

In reference to including a paragraph for both primary and peer responses, 4-5 sentences constitute a paragraph.

Discussion one, 

  Clinical-community linkages to help connect health care providers, community organizations, and public health agencies so they can improve patients’ access to preventive and chronic care services (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2013). Local communities having access to hospitals and clinics have a better chance of getting better quality health care. Hospitals having linkage to local communities allow the communities to have better communication with the hospital and they are able to provide health resources. Strategies that improve access to clinical preventive services (such as screening and counseling), community-level activities, and appropriate medical treatment have been shown to reduce and prevent disease in communities (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2013). There are numerous benefits of having linkage between hospitals and local communities. Communities have opportunities to participate in organizations that can help improve their health.

      There are some effective clinical-community linkages that help improve the health of people residing in the community. Patients get more help in changing unhealthy behaviors, clinicians get help in offering services to patients that they cannot provide themselves, and community programs get help in connecting with clients for whom their services were designed (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2013). Hospitals are able to provide important resources associated to specific health diseases. In order to provide these health benefits, hospitals are able to communicate with their local communities to help lessen the burden of unwanted health diseases. Furthermore, it is important that hospitals have the linkage with local communities to assess in medical and health concerns each individual may have.

Discussion two,

  Linkage between the community and the hospital, specifically during emergency situations is vital for many reasons including improved access to care services and improved communications during highly stressful situations. The linkage is not only important during these critical situations, but also on a day-to-day basis as hospitals can provide various programs to better influence the overall health and well-being of the community. Without a linkage the hospital will potentially suffer greatly, not only loosing funds, but also credibility when an emergency situation does occur. Additionally, hospitals have resources that are able to benefit the community in normal and crisis conditions.

Discussion three,

  When 9/11 happened I believe it showed how vulnerable our emergency management system was.  The first responders and management team didn’t have an effective communication system in place in order to make key decisions quickly (Khan, 2011). First responders also didn’t have proper equipment or training for such a large scale emergency. I believe the United States had nowhere to go but up after 9/11.

     Response times have improved since Hurricane Katrina, during the time that Hurricane Katrina happened, emergencies that giant weren’t considered a national issue but more of a local issue. Local officials had to ask for help instead of national agencies/government being proactive and lending help first. FEMA used to wait for the problem to become too big of an issue for local agencies to handle before getting involved, FEMA is now quickly engaged early on in the process (Mayer, 2008).
     Hurricane Katrina was unlike anything that the United States has ever seen, 120 mph winds & some areas flooded as high as 27 feet above ground (Mayer, 2008). About 1,300 people died because of Hurricane Katrina and an estimated $96 billion in damages (Mayer, 2008). Communication was poor on all sides, which made things even worse. 

Discussion Four,

  The federal government has improved its response posture since 911. This was an event that changed the manner in which the government approaches the entire concept of response. It has become more effective in response planning. In addition to this there is an emphasis on more of a preemptive approach as opposed to just focusing exclusively on response (Hamner, 2015). This is very important as in enables the government to actively prevent all preventable emergencies and in the instance that these emergencies do materialize respond to them as quickly and as strategically as possible.

The response posture of the federal government has improved since Katrina. It has not improved to a standard that can be deemed as ideal but it has all the same improved. There are contingency plans in place to help people affected by natural disasters. Katrina was so different because it highlighted the ineffectiveness of government agencies at the time to deal with natural emergencies of that caliber. 


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