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Hazard Activity


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COH 440: Preparedness & Disaster Mgmt

Hazard Activity

As a group, pick one of the natural, environmental or technological hazards or complex emergencies listed below. Please research and discuss the event, impact, lessons learned regarding affected individuals, the population and environment. The concept of a vulnerability assessment can be included here.








Storm Surge








Complex Humanitarian Emergency



Global Warming


1. Review the event:

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon, it has been there. The word is defined as use of threats of violence which aims to spread fear in a population and to advance a political, ideological or at times religious cause. No one can predict the occurrence of terrorism. Unlike natural calamities such as flood, drought, the severity and occurrence of the terrorist act is unpredicted. How it happens at times looks are simple by can be motivated by religious extremism. For example the 2011 terrorist attack in Norway which was as a result of religious extremism.

Additionally it can be stimulated by political views which most of the time it overlaps religious reasons. Therefore terrorism is one of the world feared occurrence. It cause a lot of damage and affects the normal functioning of country or state. Safety is one of the important pillar when comes to existence of environment (humans and Animals). If safety is derived from the society humans will not exist.

2. What was the risk/vulnerability?

The risk is terrorism. And according to the analysis, it had relative threat of 56%. The like hood to occur is moderate. This is because no one predicts the occurrence of terrorist attack. News reporting terrorist attack has been unexpected and therefore having a moderate like hood of occurring. On the possibility of death and injury the score high. Any terrorist attack which has ever occurred there are always reported cases of deaths to be high. Injury are also high this is because the weapons used in carrying out this execution are so sophisticated and therefore resulting to high death and injury rates. This also goes hand in hand with physical losses and damages. But despite that, it does not interfere with the services of the country

3. What were the human & environmental costs?

The human costs concerning terrorism is that, it has inflicted fear among people and therefore leaving people to live with fear. Human therefore are diverting ways in which they can be able to make sure humanity are safeguard at all cost. In terms of the environment, there is destruction of environment in respect to the effect of terrorism is concerned

4. What was the short & long term impact on humanity & the environment?

Short term impact on human include; fear among people, dramatization, displacement, interruption of the normal routine. On environment; pollution of the due to the explosion, destruction of the houses

Long term impacts; Loss of life and on environment it result to destruction of the environment for instance use of nuclear weapon

5. Lessons learned?

Terrorism like any other risk can occur at any time. Therefore, it is upon the stakeholders to be prepared in ensuring if such occurrence happens, they are able to mitigate it effectively.

From the analysis, learned that terrorism has high rate of occurrence, death and injury, damage of resource and high rate of severity compared to other risks

6. What were the successes and failures in handling the incident?

The government has already trained personnel who are able to handle the occurrence of any terror attack. Secondly, a lot of resource invested to ensure that security is poetize and enable security department is well equipped in terms of resource and preparedness

The failure is that, sometime lack of skilled anti-terror police in terms of bomb are not enough.

The response in which the police adhere to emergency is not enough. Therefore they should be quicker is responding to the emergency such as a terror attack.

7. What changes in human, social & environmental changes have or have not occurred in response?

In response to that minimal changes has occurred in respect to the social, human and environmental when comes to the terrorism. For instance way of life among the people, vegetation, among others.

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