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Respond to the Main post bellow offering one or more additional interaction strategies in support of the examples/observations shared or by offering further insight to the thoughts shared about the future of these interactions.

Note: the answer should be in a positive way 

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Nursing Informatics

Nurse informaticists interact with other professionals in my healthcare setting in a variety of ways. One of these ways is through sharing patient information as and when needed. The increased manner in which medical facilities are adopting the use of health information technology means that the nurse informaticists have an integral role that they play in ensuring that patient data is availed when needed (Harrington, 2017). The Nurse informaticists also ensure that patient data is kept accurately and safely so that it can help in proper medical attention of the concerned patients. In so doing, nurse informaticists interact with those who admit patients at the facilities, those in charge of diagnosing and the laboratory technicians to ensure that there is a smooth flow of data from one point to the next (Lee, 2014).

The IT department at my current work place is not physically around or on the floors for night shift, which is when I work. So there isn’t much interaction with the nurse informatistics, but for their physical absence at night there is a contact line that we the employees can access whenever needed. That nurse informatistics has access to mirror what we are seeing on the actual computer screen so that they are able to help in more productive manner. If there is a new feature on the software there will be a super user which are more than likely nurses who have been trained on the new feature to help and aid in the process when needed. For instance, there is a new feature on the software at my work place that involves an innovative way to waste narcotics via the software. Because it has such a huge impact on the hospital they are having an information sessions at various times to accommodate every shift, which will allow a better understanding of the new feature at hand.  

One way of improving these interactions will be by increasing familiarity among team members to the extent that every team member knows the strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies of all team members (Kalisch & Begeny, 2015). In so doing, it will be possible to take decisive measures on who should handle a particular aspect so that its outcome is the most desirable. Increased familiarity will lead to teamwork, which is likely to enhance the productivity of the nurse informaticists and other segments of the medical facility. 

I believe that the continued evolution of nursing informaticists is likely to eliminate the physical distances among nurses and their facilities, something that will lead to improved patient outcomes. Nursing informaticist is likely to lead to seamless societies where it is possible to interact with other nurses located very many miles from each other and share their experiences or challenges in their line of duty. In so doing, it will be possible to come up with the most desired patient outcomes.  


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