Post-Monica;Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disorders

Pathophysiology is the study of the underlying changes in body physiology (molecular, organ, and cellular system) that emanates from injury or diseases. Pathophysiology aims at providing the understanding of mechanisms of some diseases. The science of pathophysiology also provides an explanation of how and why alteration in body structure and its functions results in signs and symptoms of diseases. Therefore, the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disorders is the disorder of the physiological process of the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular disorder includes peripheral vascular diseases, nephropathy and retinopathy, coronary artery diseases and stroke. The understanding of pathophysiology requires the utilization of principles, basic knowledge, and concepts from other fields of study pathology, immunology, epigenetics, epidemiology, and genetics. The knowledge pathology guides healthcare professionals in selection, planning, and evaluation of treatments and therapies Huether, S. E., & McCance, K. L. (2015). 

One of the patient factor to be considered in this discussion is the age. The chances of the development of cardiovascular disorders increase with the age of an individual. This is to say that, older people are vulnerable to cardiovascular disorders than younger people. Alteration of cardiovascular disorders to be considered in this post is peripheral arterial diseases. This alteration impacts the pathophysiology by making the blood vessels of the brain and the heart to narrow, spasm, or block (Hirsch, Criqui, Treat-Jacobson, Regensteiner, Creager, Olin, & McDermott, 2001). Hypertension can lead to peripheral arterial diseases because it leads to deposition of fats and salts on the walls of the arteries and hence makes them be narrowed and blocked.


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