PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE 3TopicStudent’s nameProfessor’s nameInstitutionCourse titleDateQuestion 1It is essential that all nurses be aware of the philosophical science behind their area of expertise because it will allow them to advance in knowledge. The science is also necessary because nurses can understand how nursing science has evolved over the years (Dahnke, & Dreher, 2015). The science has enhanced the reflection of various aspects in the nursing field that are open for further exploration. Knowledge I the science sector will legitimize this field into a discipline. Further, this discipline will always act as a referencing material for all issues in the subject (Wyman, & Henly, 2015). It will also offer a stepping stone for the advancement of nursing doctorate students into nursing scientists.In my experience, the provision of treatment for patients should be fair and not favor just a few people. A nurse should know the background of why they take the course because in most cases nurses are not ethical in their dealings (Alligood, 2017). Nurses are required to continually improve the quality of service they give to patients like always attending seminars to be more informed. Also, nurses should always make patients aware of every possible harm like the need for HIV testing in the case of pregnant women and ways of family planning to have the number of children one can manage to take care of. To be more advanced in their expertise, nurses are willing to study further to specialize further and to have more knowledge about the nursing profession by going for masters programs for advancement from one level to a higher level.ReferencesAlligood, M. R. (2017). Nursing Theorists and Their Work-E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences.Dahnke, M. D., & Dreher, H. M. (2015). Philosophy of science for nursing practice: Concepts and application. Springer Publishing Company.Wyman, J. F., & Henly, S. J. (2015). PhD programs in nursing in the United States: Visibility of American Association of Colleges of Nursing core curricular elements and emerging areas of science. Nursing outlook, 63(4), 390-397.Blog ArchiveCopyright © 2019 Read Mor

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