Nursing and stereotypes – nursing homework essays

Nursing and stereotypes

Nursing and stereotypes


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The topic I chose for this weeks PowerPoint is substance abuse among nurses and how impaired nursing impacts the healthcare field. This topic is important because substance abuse is a rising public health concern and nurses are not immune to this crisis. If anything nurses are more likely to fall into a pattern of substance abuse due to the environment they work in and the easy access to several kinds of drugs. In creating this PowerPoint and researching this topic I hope to shine some light on what happens when nurses are found to be working impaired or stealing drugs to feed an addiction they may have. There are rules set in place and safe guards to avoid the theft of drugs and nurses abusing substances especially while working in patient care.

Monroe, T. B., Kenaga, H., Dietrich, M. S., Carter, M. A., & Cowan, R. L. (2013). The prevalence of employed nurses identified or enrolled in substance use monitoring programs. Nursing research62(1), 10–15., T. B., Kenaga, H., Dietrich, M. S., Carter, M. A., & Cowan, R. L. (2013). The prevalence of employed nurses identified or enrolled in substance use monitoring programs. Nursing research62(1), 10–15.



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The topic that I have chosen for my Week 8 Powerpoint presentation is nurses in the media. I feel that how nurses are stereotyped is very important to nursing and healthcare. Especially during the these past few years, living through a pandemic, how society views nurses is important. It is our job to use our knowledge and skills to care for others. Nursing stereotypes can be negative and influence the quality of care provided. It can leave doubt in our patients’ trust in us and effect rapport. Nurses are seen as “the help” while doctors get a lot of praise. It is only in the setting itself that one can see the truth in a day as a nurse. I think it is important to also know how to lead by example as a nurse so that more of the truth is being put out.

Cleary, M., Dean, S., Sayers, J. M., & Jackson, D. (2018). Nursing and stereotypes. Issues in Mental Health  Nursing39(2), 192–194.

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