Week 3 Case Study: Dementia

This case study provides you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in the role of a community health nurse and examine primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention strategies related to a population health problem. As you work through the case, reflect on what you have learned from this course about community health nursing and apply it to this scenario.

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 Your Role

You are working as a home health nurse in your local community. As part of your case management role, you continue to work with an interdisciplinary team both within and outside the agency.

Team Members

· Diana is an LPN with the home health agency.

· Christina is a social worker with the home health agency.

· Mark is a dietician with the home health agency.

· Pam is an FNP who oversees care for clients from the home health agency.

The Case

You are assigned to a new case, Mr. Johnson, who is 72 years old with a recent diagnosis of dementia. Diana has been making intermittent home care visits to provide care for Mr. Johnson. Diana shared with you that he seems to be deteriorating, making it difficult for his wife to care for him by herself. During your first visit with Mr. Johnson, you talk with his wife and learn she is considering finding a nursing home for placement. She shares that she does not want this but doesn’t know what else to do as both of their grown children live out of state so there is no one else to help care for him.

You take this information back to your interdisciplinary team. Mark shares he is visiting with Mr. Johnson next week and will discuss nutrition and its impact on his health, including his mental status. Pam is slated to review his medications to see if adjustments can be made that will improve his cognitive state. Christina shares that many families do not understand the expense of nursing homes and has seen many families fall into financial distress. It is clear that both Mr. and Mrs. Johnson need support from a variety of community resources.

Next, please go into the Week 3 Discussion and answer the prompts.

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