Nicotine Dependence

Northwestern State University

Department of Graduate Studies and Research in Nursing

PMHNP Program

NURG 5960

Psychopharmacology and Neurobiology

Professional Paper Guidelines and Grading Rubric

Select a class of drugs (i.e. – atypical antipsychotics) and a specific DSM-5 Disorder which the class of drugs is used to treat. Discuss the general indications for the drugs in the specific class chosen including diagnostic issues, screening tests, neurobiological effects and concerns (i.e. why this drug might treat a particular aspect of the disorder), prescribing/practice guidelines, documented off-label uses, black box warnings if applicable, any lab test monitoring necessary related to the drug class, evidence-based practice information and implications for your practice. This paper is worth 30% of your total course grade.

1. Introduction: 10 points

a. Include statement of the drug class and general indications as well as other pertinent introductory information.

2. Body: 50 points

a. Review diagnostic issues, screening tests

b. Review neurobiological effects and concerns related to the drug class

c. Discuss prescribing/practice guidelines related to the PMHNP

d. Discuss off-label uses

e. Discuss black box warnings

f. Discuss any necessary laboratory testing/monitoring

g. Discuss Evidence-based practice information

3. Conclusion: 30 points

a. Adequately summarize the information presented

b. Identify issues related to APRN practice

4. Form: 10 points

a. APA format is required. Spelling and grammar will be graded. A title page is required as well as a reference page, both of these should be separate from the body of the paper.

b. A minimum of five (5) references, which may include a combination of texts, journals, online texts, and websites, which are peer reviewed and from professional nursing and/or healthcare organizations must be utilized. References should be recent, 5 years or less. It is acceptable to include older references at times if appropriate but those more recent should primarily be utilized. Wikipedia is not a professional reference

TOTAL: 100 points

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