Need A Power Point For The Below Assignment

APA format 5 slides with paragraph and bullets to describe a master plan 

You may use the below information but need to have explanation to each part.  there needs to be 3 references.  

Evaluation Component

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Responsible Person/People

Frequency of Assessment

Assessment Method


Action plan


Dean, Academic Leadership   Team, Faculty

End of every semester

Conceptual and formative.

Survey, simulation, and   interviews

Results from all of the   assessment tools will form results. From these positive or negative results an action plan will begin to   be developed.

An action plan will help to   revamp each component to make sure that it is functioning at its highest   based on the results that were collected from the assessment


Dean, Academic Leadership,   Faculty, Students

Year end

Formative Evaluation,   Benchmarking


Dean, Bursar Department,   Financial Aid

Year end



Dean, Students

End of every class

Summative evaluation



Academic Leadership,   Faculty, Information Technology, Nursing Informatics



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