Keeping Things Going – Health Promotion Principles

Keeping Things Going – Health Promotion PrincipleHealth promotion is an important component of nursing practice. Health promotion is a way of thinking that revolves around a philosophy of wholeness, wellness, and well-being. In the past two decades, people have become increasingly aware of and interested in health promotion. Many people are aware of the relationship between lifestyle and illness and are developing health promoting habits.

Promoting and reinforcing health care of the individuals is enhanced when the nurse understands the concepts of individuality and human needs.

View the following lecture on health promotion to understand the relationship between health promotion and nursing practice.

Keeping Things Going – Health Promotion Principles

After reviewing the lecture presentation please view review Healthy People 2020 web site. Become familiar with the purpose and mission of Healthy People 2020. Learn about what the website has to offer health care professionals and patients. Think about when you might reference this website.

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