Journal Entry

Journal Entry

· Title: 40 million reasons to celebrate

This Journal Entry is about the May 11 through May 18. 2019 “Nurses Week Celebration”. The title was: 40 million reason to celebrate.

1. 5:00pm there was a thanksgiving prayer service

2. 6:00pm there a catering ceremony with different speakers who talked about the history of the Nursing Profession.

· The following is the guideline for the journal entry:

NUR 4945C Journal Writing Guidelines


Journaling a “critical” incident analysis is a specific technique in reflection that asks the student to describe and analyze a particularly meaningful incident experienced or observed in the clinical setting and correlates with course competencies (Billings & Halstead, 2012, p. 275). The intent is to experience a new concept, skill, or body of knowledge pertinent to your clinical setting and identified problem.


1. To provide an environment and create opportunities to meet course competencies

1. To provide the rudiments for identifying the problem statement and rationale for selecting teaching projects and strategies

1. To develop basic transferable writing skills necessary for writing scholarly papers

1. To promote active learning

1. To develop and enhance critical thinking skills


1. All journal entries are typed and double-spaced

1. Font size = 12- Times New Roman

1. Each entry is dated and correlated with the clinical dates of the occurrences.

1. Each entry is compliant with guideline questions.

1. Citations and reference list are compliant with APA 6th edition standards


1. Date (corresponds with journal entry)

1. What did I do? (Brief description of the activity)

1. What did I learn? (Personal reflection)

1. What were the positives and or negatives about the experience?

1. What were the components that impacted your practice?

1. Recommendations for future experiences or practice.

1. There should be at least one evidence-based reference cited per entry.

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