Health Promotion Project: Evaluation

Health Promotion Project Assignment Part F: Evaluations

Evaluation of client outcomes and satisfaction with the educational experience is an important component of client education. You will need to develop two assessment tools before you educate the clients. It is expected that you will print and distribute the evaluations to your audience. You will summarize the responses of you audience.

See the Grading Rubric

Tool # 1 Teacher Evaluation Tool

The Teacher Evaluation tool evaluates your teaching effectiveness. After teaching your Health Promotion Project, distribute the Teacher Evaluation tool to your audience and submit the tool and a summary of the results.

The easiest way for the audience to evaluate this teaching session is to use 3-5 short sentences with the option of circling or check marking responses. There should be clear directions. The evaluation should require 2 minutes or less to complete. Bring pencils for the audience to circle their response. Below are some sample questions:

The instructor spoke at a good pace.

· True

· False

The instructor spoke loud enough for me to hear.

· True

· False

The content was presented in an interesting manner.

· True

· False

The last question should be: Do you have any suggestions you would like to add?

Tool # 2 Learning Objectives Tool

The Learning Objectives tool evaluates whether your health education resulted in the learner meeting the learning objectives. After teaching your audience, distribute the Learning Objectives tool and submit the tool and a summary of the results.

Participants in health promotion project audience may have already taken a pretest. You can use the same questions for the post-test if they address the learning objectives. You would then summarize the change in knowledge and report those findings. If the audience did not receive a pre-test, you will need to develop a 3-5 question evaluation that determines whether the learning objectives were met. Below are some sample questions:How long should you wash your hands after touching raw meat?a.) 10 secondsb.) b.) 20 secondsc.) c.) 30 secondsd.) d.) 40 secondsHow long is it safe to keep food sitting out on the table?Is it safe to eat food after its expiration date?a. Yesb. No

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