health information position

As a student entering the health care field, it is important to know about other members of the team who work with electronic health record systems and manage and analyze health information.   In Unit 1 you identified a health information/health informatics profession to describe or a person who works in health information/health informatics to interview.   This could be a health care information technician, health information manager (HIM), health information analyst or health informatics director or manager. 

Prepare a 2-paragraph summary of the health information position that you have researched.

Include the following:

  • position title and type of facility/facilities where this position would be found
  • education required for this position
  • training and professional development needed
  • responsibilities of the position
  • certifications or credentials required
  • professional organization memberships available
  • How would you find others who work in the profession?
  • What methods or resources are available to network with other health information/health informatics professionals for employment opportunities and advancement in the field?
  • What challenges do those in the profession find in their role?
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