Health Care Marketing.

Assignment question

Question 1.

This course is about Health Care Marketing. Do you feel that Marketing, including Advertising, of Healthcare Services, products including prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) “drugs”, and devices is acceptable and professional? Should there be complete or partial limitations? Note that Rx and OTC drugs, and medical devices have approved “labeling” describing when and how to use them. Labeling and claims outside of the approved label claims is call “misbranding” and is illegal under the 1911 Food, Drugs and Cosmetic act, as amended, and enforced by FDA.

Question 2..

Who is a Healthcare Customer? If I go to the grocery store and pick up bananas, go to check-out, and pay for them, I am a Grocery customer and in particular am a customer for bananas. If I fall off my bicycle, am treated and transported by the County EMS, transported to the Emergency Department of a Hospital, wait interminably, have X-rays, get a cast and an appointment card for a follow-up visit, show my insurance card and am discharged to home, am I a customer to any or all the services involved? Must I also pay for service to be identified as a customer? Does a radio advertisement that I hear about the shortest ER wait times at County Medical center have any impact on the events and choices described?

Question 3.

As a customer of Health Care services or products (hospitals, medicines, devices, services (physical therapy, labwork, primary care or specialist physicians, etc.) which “P” has the most impact on your choices? Pick an routine example and share your reasoning

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