Global health refers to the health of the people contained in the context of the globe. It is defined as the study concentrates more on improving the health for all the people in the entire world by research and ensuring equity (Koplan et al. 2009). It deals mostly with the improvement of health, protection against health threats and disparity reduction among the citizens. Global health is different from international health in that; international health is a subsection of public health which is more concerned with the developing countries and developed countries. Global health is all about diseases including their prevalence across the globe and danger to reduce life in the current hays.

The book by name “where am I wearing “talks of a journalist who travels around the world to trace the origin of his clothes. He visits different factories and cloth makers trying to get information on where the clothes that here wear come from.

The writer is on a journey moving all around the world trying to establish where his clothes come from, as the title of the book suggests ‘where am I wearing.’ The writer on this book describes Coca-Cola as a killer. According to him, its products have caused many deaths to the people who have consumed the products. The main focus of the writer is to determine the hygiene of the companies producing his attire to decide whether or not they are attaining the right standards. Also indicating the expiry and manufacturing dates was a requirement to prevent their customers from consuming expired goods which would cause harm to them. The committee admitted that if the company is large enough, then it should be in a position to avoid the violation of the rights of its consumers. The welfare of the workers in the company especially their health safety is an important consideration which the company should focus on.

The writer also on a journey to search the source where his boxers are produced to ensure that they meet the set standards and the even the flip-flop which were made mainly for consumption by the poor in the society. These industries were found not to produce the required quality of the product as required by global health standards. The writer also talked on the fake blood, sweat, and tears. Some of the consumers consume products without knowing their producers, the channels of distribution and also the required standard the product should meet for it to be fit for human consumption. It makes them unaware even when the producers of the various products have violated their rights. It is where now the organizations concerned with the global health come in and intervene on behave of the consumers to ensure their health rights got violations.


In conclusion, global health organizations should work hand in hand with the consumers to ensure that their health is protected as that it is their primary objective of existence and operation. The industries which don’t follow the required standards by the law should also be highly penalized and even closed down if they cannot comply with the laid down requirements. It would help much in ensuring global attain the maximum benefit of the citizens. Global health is an essential factor in the growth if the economy sine if everyone is in good health, there is increased productivity; hence the economy is at a better position across the world. This issue is affecting the world as a whole, and therefore a corrective action should be taken to ensure it is adhered to by all stakeholders playing their part accordingly.


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