explaining the value of implementing the EBP method

Answer: In last weeks discussion question, I had mentioned that the culture of the institution can be a barrier, and in addition to this,the lack of leadership support, education and time can compound the problem. It takes support from management as well as from fellow personnel (nurses, ancillary staff) to initiate, promote and maintain EBP in an organization. According to Polit & Beck, (2018),”Although many organizations support the idea of EBP in theory, they do not always provide the necessary supports in terms of staff release time and provisions of resources”. There are ways to address this particular barrier:

Organizing a staff meeting and explaining the value of implementing the EBP method

Explanations (posters on walls in break room, bathrooms,pamphlets) on how this new EBP method will bring quality care to the patient or improve a system within the organization helps staff become more receptive to new information.The staff has to see EBP as valuable and feasible.

Schedule monthly forums or meetings, enlist the aid of different staff members(on a rotation basis) and make them accountable to finish the task (making it count towards the annual evaluation). At my organization, extra duty tasks are included as favorable in the yearly evaluation. The incentive is pay increases, bonuses, time off awards.

Encourage online research. In the hospital that I work at there is a library (in the basement) but it is underutilized by everyone.Keep the staff informed as to when the library is open and provide administrative time off the floor for continued education, (Jennifer, 2017).  

Original Question: Consider an obstacle or barrier to the implementation of evidence-based practice you identified in last week’s discussion. What are two ways to address this problem?

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