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Discussion- Eating disorders assignment.html

Eating Disorders Assignment

  1. Complete the NEDA Self Screening to evaluate risk factors for eating disorders. You do not need to publish these to me or your peers. This screening tool is for you to increase your awareness of your personal risk and seriously consider seeking professional help if the screening indicates.
  1. View the video and navigate the URL resources provided to learn about the risks, symptoms and silent signs, etiology, physiological and emotional cost of these disorders, and therapeutic interventions.
  1. Navigate the link for Body Image to explore the facets of altering body images. Examine the statistics surrounding the plastic surgery and aesthetics industries, as well as, the financial statistics.
  1. Utilizing the resources in this module to analyze the data in this unit to formulate a position about When is Too Much Too Much?

Should there be a limit on body image altering procedures for an individual? In other words, you simply provide insight regarding whether a person should be allowed to have unlimited procedures or should there be a system for a gate keeper. Consider things such as cost, physical health risks, mental health risks, and underlying motivation for continued alterations.  Cite at least one reference to support your position.

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