: Business and Financial Considerations for the Planning and Evaluation of Health Information Technology

Business and Financial Considerations for the Planning and Evaluation of Health Information Technology

To prepare for this Application Assignment review the information on planning for and evaluating an information technology solution presented in this week’s Learning Resource readings and discussed in the context of health care organizations by the presenters in this week’s Course Media. Then, consider the perspectives on health information technology value realization, governance, and decision making provided in this and prior weeks’ Learning Resource readings. Finally, read Case Study 16, “Assessing the Value and Impact of CPOE,” which is on pp. 469-470 of your HINF 6130 course text, Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management (2nd ed.).

To complete this Application Assignment, write a 5- to 6-page paper—based upon the scenario from the case study—in which you address the following information technology solution-related considerations:

You have been assigned to lead the evaluation component of this CPOE implementation project for University Health Care System. You have reviewed the leadership team’s stated goals for the project.

With this in mind, what evaluation method(s) would you employ for assessing the University Health Care System’s planned investment in CPOE. Why have you opted for these method(s)? Support your decision based upon resources used throughout this course and your own research on information technology evaluation methods.

For your selected evaluation method(s), describe:

the specific procedures / steps involved in conducting the evaluation,

the roles of key actors/stakeholders involved in this process,

the metric(s) that would be employed,

the baseline data would you want to collect or review as part of the evaluation,

As the evaluation leader, you must also address the concerns of the hospital’s senior leaders. In particular:

How would you respond to the Board’s desire for a return on investment from this initiative? Do you believe that the board’s request is a reasonable one? Why or why not?

How would you respond to the CEO’s specific concern that the CPOE implementation be adequately resourced? What method(s) would you utilize to identify needed resources and ensure appropriate capital budgeting?

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