American History II

In your opinion, how did the cultural products of the Great Depression serve to reflect and shape Americans’ fears and concerns during this period? How do our cultural products (e.g., books, movies, music) reflect and reinforce our values in our own times? 

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I believe during the time of the Great Depression, Americans’ fears and concerns were reflected dramatically. They were living in an era where people were buying land, houses, automobiles, clothing, and so on with money they did not have. In the wake of the Great depression, Americans couldn’t continue to live outside their means. In turn, hostility and anger grew, challenging each other for employment and ways of living.  Backlash of the depression caused crime rates to elevate shaping a social and economic crisis.

Books and movies reflect on the past but can reinforce the values as a way of living. Identifying the issues allow for ways to improve our hopes for a better tomorrow. Advancement in internet technologies, within social media, television, live streams, and more, media is able to reach many more people than previously. Media might be the most effective weapon for radicalizing Americans.

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